Self-Portrait, Washington, Va, circa 1982

I have been interested in and intrigued by photography since I was a young child. Over the years, I have pursued photography, while doing a variety of other things. I enjoy the out-of-doors, especially white water canoeing, and I also enjoy playing music. These lifelong pursuits have had a great effect in shaping my portfolio.

Ansel Adams has had an obvious impact on my work; others that have influenced me are: Walker Evans, Edward Weston, Mark Power, Ross Chapple, and Woody Guthrie.

Life is like a mountain railway, with an engineer so brave, we must make each run successful, from the cradle to the grave.
Self-Portrait with Wayne and Bob, Jeffrey Pine, Yosemite National Park, California 1974

Charlie by Marrianne Pernold, 1992
These words from a favorite country hymn say a lot about the way the world appears to me, that is, something of a journey. Photography is, to me, a means of recording some of one’s pilgrimage.

I like to record these mysteries via the Silver Image using large format (4 x 5 view camera) or medium format and 35mm. I work primarily in black & white, but I do a small amount of color work. I print the black & white material myself and process the color digitally. I also produce some black & white digitally but my primary output is silver gelatin prints.

Photo by Marrianne Pernold, 1992.

Charlie by Dawn Capron, 1973

Photo by Dawn Capron, 1973.